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  Ah, yes - the old limited space problem. When you see phone storage starting to run out, just remember this catchy little adage: "Stop hoarding stuff, you unruly digital bundle." (Okay, so maybe it wasn't  quite  as attractive as I had hoped.)

In all seriousness, though, most of us don't really need to store much locally on our smartphones these days — especially on Android, where cloud syncing is simple and automated management easy. Start by installing  the Google Photos app and setting it up  to back up all your photos and videos when you take them. This will let you delete your local copies (plus a great way to access all your memories from any device, at any time, even if you lose or jailbreak your current Android phone), and that alone is bound to free up a lot of room.

Second, install the Files by Google app   . It will show you all the unnecessary space grabbers lurking in your phone's storage - including those now redundant local copies of cloud-sync photos as well as junk files, duplicate files and other things that can be removed easily - and the simplicity gives you one-click buttons to clear any of the This mess is far away.

Finally, if you're using a Google Pixel phone, look in the Storage section of your system settings and tap on the line labeled "Smart Storage."  There, you can configure your phone to remove any redundant copies of photos and videos that are already backed up any time your storage starts to run low again.