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The latest features of the WhatsApp application

It appears that a beta update for WhatsApp with is coming soon. This update includes many long awaited features which we all need due to its importance. Anyway, let's check out the features of the new WhatsApp 2021 beta update before it is officially released.

As WhatsApp is trying to tune out the users, we have recently worked on new updates that bring important features and features that everyone needs. Among these recent features are "add fingerprint, face print, or iris scan". The goal of the WhatsApp web version or desktop version is to protect and protect your messages.

And now, with the upcoming beta update of WhatsApp, there is definitely new news that some cool features have been added.

New WhatsApp update features

Sign out of WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not have a "sign out" option as of this moment. This option prompts the user to go to the phone's settings screen, tap the Apps option, then WhatsApp, and tap Storage. Select the "Clear data" and "Clear cache" options at the end to log out of the app.

However, it appears that the next update of WhatsApp will add the option to log out, in addition to competing apps such as Telegram and other apps and software. This feature is one of the best features of the new WhatsApp update.

Multi-device support
Features of the new WhatsApp 2021 beta update | 3 exciting features
Also, the next beta update is said to introduce a "Multi-Device Support" option that allows users to use one account on multiple devices at the same time, but it is not available at the moment. If you sign in from another device with the number WhatsApp is using, you will immediately be prompted to sign out of one of your devices, and you won't be able to open WhatsApp on multiple phones at the same time.

Open WhatsApp Web Offline
New WhatsApp update features

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