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Explanation of the google play store

Unlike iOS systems that only support APP STORE to download apps, there are many official and unofficial stores where you can download apps on your Android, but you can't download apps. For example, unless you're using an iPhone or iPad. No matter how many unofficial stores or websites where you can download apps on Android, the official store that downloads most of the apps is Google Play, which has many flaws but is a great place to download. So how do you know how to use Google Play better and more smoothly?

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Here are some important tips, gestures and useful secrets for working with Google Play. It also describes the unofficial stores that many Android users use and the differences between those stores and Google Play. Use it to download apps that are not available on Google Play or not available on Google Play. GooglePlay is not compatible with the phone's Android platform and will allow downloads. Either way, it makes Google Play and its downloads that much better.

What is the most important difference between Google Play Store and other unofficial stores?

1- Downloading the application from Google Play means downloading a copy that is trusted and approved by the company.

2- Many Google Play apps are available in the country but not in other countries.

3- Apps that are not available on Google Play can be downloaded to your country from the unofficial store.

4-Google makes great efforts to remove malicious apps, so it is safe to download the app from Google Play.

5- Unofficial stores may offer paid apps for free.

What is the best unofficial app store for Android?

1- Mobogenie store.

2- GetJar Store.

3- Amazon Appstore for Android apps.

Google Play The most important tips and secrets on Google Play:

Here are some of the top tips and tricks related to the popular Play Store. This allows you to enjoy using the Play Store and solve all your problems. You can also get rid of Google Play annoyances. Let's Begin!

How to sign in to Google Play?

As you all know, Google Play is one of the Google services, and Google allows users to join and use all the services from one account. All you have to do is create a Google account, which only takes a few minutes to create! After that, you will be able to use Google Play and other Google services.

After registering and creating an account, all you have to do is sign in to Google Play and you will need to add a credit card if you want to be able to purchase the paid apps.

How can I check my favorites and apps?

The side menu allows you to access apps and favorites so you can see which apps have been installed, installed, uninstalled or installed on another Android device.

How do I know which version of Google Play you have?

Go to settings. The last thing you see on the Settings page is the Play version. Click it to see if there are any updates.

How do I install the app from the Google Play Store?

To install the app on Google Play, you only need the following:

Search for the app from the store's search box.

When you find the app you're looking for, open that page.

Click Install to start the download directly.

Enjoy the new app!

How to uninstall the application from the device?

To do this, go to the list of applications, press and hold on the application you want to remove, drop it on the word Uninstall as shown, and click OK. The application has been deleted.

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How do I turn off automatic app updates on Google Play?

Worried about updating apps that you don't want to do? In this case, do the following:

Go to Google Play settings.

Select the Automatically update app item.

The menu is displayed. Choose not to update the app automatically.

Applications can only be updated wirelessly.

How can I turn off automatic updates for a specific app instead of another?

Some apps have frequent and frequent updates, and if there is no benefit, you can stop updates only if:

Open the application page.

Then click on the point at the top.

Uncheck the automatic update checkmark.

How do I delete an app's search history in the Store?

In the settings, there is an item related to clearing search history. Click on it and you're done.

How do I add a new account to the Play Store?

You may need multiple Google Play accounts, which is possible and easy of course.

Go to settings.

Select an account.

Choose Google.

You can now log in to your new account.

How do I download an app from Google Play that is not available in my country?

Well, you don't have to rely on unofficial stores, there is also a way to download apps that are not available in your country, and through secure connection technology that converts your IP address to the IP of another country, which is an easy way to know and understand. See this description.

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